Business Research and Surveys

In order to better manage your company, it is important to obtain all the relevant data about your area of operation and analyze it. Business research often includes financial data, consumer feedback, product research and competitive analysis. Executives and managers who use business research methods are able to better understand their company, the position it holds in the market and how to improve that position.

At clear Focus Consult, we are committed to helping your company grow and maintain competitiveness by offering the following business research services;

  • Identifying Investments
  • Finding Customers
  • Analysing Consumers Behaviour
  • Analysing Markets
  • Developing Products and Services
  • Evaluating Competitors

Identifying Investments

Identifying the right companies and assets to invest in can be the difference between success and failure. With strong target identification, financial and operational due diligence and asset modelling capabilities, Clear Focus Consult can help you find the winning investments to drive your future growth.

Our focus here is on:

Due Diligence:  Any company interested in knowing about a given company, its products or services, its people, history, clients, suppliers, finances and the market it operated. We can deliver a report based on interviews and investigations, on the basis of which the request is presented by the client.

Target Shortlist:  You may be interested in investigating potential targets to expand your business in the country / region. We can create for you a short list based on the criteria you prefer (give us). We can provide you a list created from our extensive company information databases followed by a short fact finding check based on the company’s websites and short calls.

Finding Customers

Clear Focus Consult is expert in helping you find new customers. You can specify the criteria for companies you wish to find and the information you need and we will do the rest.This can range from gathering contact information for your sales team to analyzing customers’ organizational structure, geographical footprint, IT set up,supplier relationships, key people and decision making process.

Our services here include:

Contacts and Emails; we can help you check your in-house directory of client contact details, including email addresses. We are able to check and update your database to a high level of accuracy, making it a much more effective tool for your sales team.

Prospect Research; in case you are providing corporate telecom services and you want to maximize the impact of your sales team’s meetings by giving them better information on potential corporate customers, their needs, existing relationships and contracts, we can be of help. Our team can support your sales team by providing ‘Prospect Profiles’ of potential corporate customers in the Telecoms market regionally. These profiles include information for each company like key technology initiatives, existing vendors and contracts. In this way, we help your sales team to reduce research time and improve their preparedness for meetings.

Analysing Consumers Behaviour

Clear Focus Consult offers surveying capabilities to keep you on the pulse of consumers in your market. We offer services from end user surveys, to business-to-business surveys targeting specific job roles within companies. Methods include telephone (CATI) interviews, focus groups and online surveys.

Our engagements here include:

Consumer Survey: This may be useful to companies that are interested in understanding consumer attitudes to a given product. We can run a survey of many consumers, which are often split into various segments. The share the information/ findings with the client who is then able to have a much clearer idea of the changing consumer preferences.

Client Survey:  This may be useful to companies that are interested in knowing more about clients’ attitudes to buying. Our experienced team of COOs and purchase managers can provide the basis for the research. We do deliver a detailed report covering the changing purchasing preferences for your product(s) in the country/ region.

Analyzing Markets

How big is your market? How much is it growing? How will new regulation affect it? What share do you have,What share do your competitors have?

These are critical questions for any business, allowing you to react sooner, take opportunities, and avoid pitfalls. Clear Focus Consult can help you with this insight, with the support of clearly reasoned models and exhaustive sourcing. Conclusions are delivered through frameworks such as PESTLE, Porters 5 forces and matrices to make the implications clear and help you plan a winning strategy.

Our services here include:

Market assessment:This service is available to all companies that need a study of the market(s)they are planning to enter, or are already operating in. Our research combines secondary sources, observation and in-person interviews. Outputs include market revenues, market trends and assessment and forecasts. We identify specific local factors, through interviews with leading figures, and feed them into the client’s marketing strategy.

Market entry study:This service is available to any company which would want to understand the best markets and companies to sell to. We deliver a database of hundreds of companies (large, medium or small) in the region, their product needs, contacts, location, policies and concerns. This way, the client can easily focus on its marketing effort.

Developing Products and Services

Clear Focus Consult can help you create, test and develop your products and marketing strategies. Approaches range from consumer panels to opinion studies with industry participants and key opinion leaders, and from product creation to longitudinal studies on established offerings. The aim is always to give you actionable information on your market and help you sell more.

Our service here is mainly focused on:

Product Benchmarking:  This service is available for companies that want to understand why some clients are choosing/ considering other options. We do create studies benchmarking ten competitors on criteria such as disparate and similar data functionality, formats, data integration, and ease of use, service, and price. On the basis of such studies, clients can realize how the various consumer preferences shift and how product development tactics can yield significant advantages.

Evaluating Competitors

Clear Focus Consult helps you understand your competitors and plan your strategy against them. Financial, strategic, research and development, supplier, customer, marketing, investment, and Merger and Acquisition information are tracked. Analytical frameworks such as SWOTs, gap analysis and competitor benchmarking are used to communicate the implications and help you take action.

Our services here include:

Competitor Benchmarking: This may be useful to any company in need of a detailed competitor benchmarking study. We help you to identify peer group of key competitors and do an assessment based on parameters like: product pipeline, patents, brand share, revenues, and social media presence. Such studies have helped clients gain competitive advantage and improve their industry ranking.