Financial Management, Tax advisory, Audit and Record Keeping

Given today’s wide ecosystem of expanding complexity, it’s no wonder CEOs are demanding more from CFOs and the finance function to help with achieving competitive advantage. To succeed and thrive, CFOs need to drive and optimize global business strategy, leverage financial data and analytics to achieve profitable growth, capitalize on a dynamic regulatory environment, partner across all business functions, and strategically develop top talent.Our team of experts works with clients to align their finance organizations with the strategies and needs of their businesses to realize and sustain value over the long term. 

Financial Management

Clear Focus’ network of financial management professionals help support the growing agenda and increased responsibilities of the CFO by integrating innovative approaches and deep expertise to deliver real results. Aimed at helping to maximize the finance function’s performance and increase its value to the business, our team provides a range of services to help organizations to become leaders in finance.

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Analytics

EPM is the primary driver of the finance function’s value contribution to the business. By integrating planning across all business domains and functions, and through delivery of enhanced performance reporting, analysis and insight across the enterprise, organizations can anticipate and adapt to market conditions more swiftly and intelligently—ultimately empowering them to act decisively on what matters most.

Our EPM services include the following offerings:

  • Cash & Working Capital Management
  • Consolidations & Disclosure Management
  • Costing & Profitability Analysis
  • Integrated Planning (Business & Financial)
  • Performance Reporting & Analysis 

 Finance Strategy and Transformation

Finance Strategy and Transformation helps a client to define the role of finance in driving the strategic business imperatives. It helps the CFO to clearly articulate its finance vision and strategy with a clear view into the key principles behind the future operating model, a detailed road map of improvement efforts, required resources, and measurements for implementation.

It includes the following offerings:

  • Finance Vision and Strategy
  • Finance Business Partnering
  • Target Operating Model and Organizational Design
  • Finance Technology Transformation
  • Finance Talent Management
  • Finance Integration & Separation

 Efficient Finance Operations

An efficient finance function helps identify and deliver specific improvements in order to unlock value and resources thus freeing up time for improved decision support activities. It is founded on a robust platform of integrated operational and transactional finance activities.

These services include the following offerings:

  • Finance Process Optimization
  • Lean Finance
  • Finance Function Review & Benchmarking
  • Quality Close & Integrated Reporting 

Finance Shared Services & Outsourcing

Aimed at helping organizations improve agility, build business value, and reduce costs, Clear Focus’team of professionals provides a time-tested approach to metrics, controls, risk management contracts and pricing to determine how a shared services model can help advance and grow the business.

Services in this area include:

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Optimization 

Tax Advisory

One of the biggest challenges – and greatest areas of opportunity – for taxpayers is how to effectively manage local and foreign taxes in a way that aligns with overall business objectives and operations. Clear Focus advises companies on a broad range of domestic and foreign tax matters, including understanding their global effective tax rate, the tax impacts of business re-structuring and preparing for the impact of new and proposed regulations. Our team helps companies implement practical strategies to better manage taxes earnings and cash flows so they can focus on growing their businesses.

 Audit Services

Clear Focus Consult provides an effective Audit Program that can assess the soundness of your company’s Records Information Management Program and is a critical component for assuring the credibility of the Program. An effective Audit Program demonstrates to your customers, your clients and the outside world that your organization takes its Records Information Management obligations seriously.


Through our audit programme, your company can ensure: internal policies and procedures are being followed, compliance with legal record keeping requirements, and the legal defensibility of the Records Information Management Program. Clear Focus Consult takes a risk-adjusted approach to development of the Audit Program to most efficiently allocate resources to those areas which require the most focus (i.e. have the highest degree of risk) while enabling cost savings in areas where the organization has little exposure.


Our Audit Program is also highly recommended for ensuring the implementation of your organization’s Legal Holds. Courts are clear that both organizations (and their legal counsel) must take affirmative actions to monitor compliance with Legal Holds so that all sources of discoverable information are identified and searched. Failure to do so can result in a variety of sanctions from monetary penalties to adjudication of the action adverse to the party failing to meet its obligations.

To assist organizations in designing an effective Audit Program, Clear Focus Consult can work with you to develop:

  • Audit Planning Templates to determine the objective of the audit, the scope, the method/process to be used in Records Information Management Program Audits.
  • Audit Assessment Tools, such as the Audit Checklist, for paper records, e-mail records, and records in unstructured electronic format.
  • Report Templates for audit outcome reporting.

In addition, if your organization determines that an outside audit of its Records Information Management Program is appropriate, Clear Focus Consult can perform an independent external audit through its Records Information Program Assessment.

Records Keeping/ Management

The creation, management and disposition of the records which chronicle an organization’s business activities add to the intrinsic worth of an organization. These records need to be managed within a structured framework to ensure they can be located when required.

Our records management services focus on the management framework, the people and the systems required to manage a comprehensive and accurate set of records in your organization. These include:

  • Auditing the records management processes;
  • Developing records management policies and procedures;
  • Developing and implementing recordkeeping systems and associated tools;
  • Ensuring staff are skilled; and
  • Recordkeeping performance monitoring and review.