HR Services

Our HR services are intended to create a relationship in which you select us as a provider to become your dedicated HR management and benefits administration partner, and deliver a broad range of HR services through a “co-employment” model. We ensure that there is HR compliance and administration, workers’ compensation advisory, employee benefits management, payroll and payroll tax compliance.


How does this work? 

This works through a “co-employment” relationship. Co-employment is a relationship wherein the CFMC acts as the Administrative employer, and the client acts as the Worksite employer. This relationship is based on a true partnership. The CFMC becomes the “employer of record” for employment and benefit purposes, thereby assuming many of the responsibilities and

CFMC handles payroll, taxes and administration, human resources compliance as well as compliance with the Affordable Healthcare regulations. This tremendous benefit greatly reduces the work associated with the transactional HR function and allows them focus on profit generating areas of their business.

Not every company is ready to outsource their human resources function. But when you are ready to let go, we’re ready to manage and unify all your HR so you can unlock the real potential of your business in the following areas;


Payroll Administration

Optimizing your Payroll Service, Technology, Reporting and Tax Administration. That will give you more time to do what you do best: grow your business.  


Employee Benefits

Our benefit packages streamlined from one source. With complete employee benefits administration, support and compliance, helping you recruit and retain top talent without having to deal with administrative headaches.

Workers’ Compensation

With a convenient pay-as-you-go program—no deposits, no advance premiums, no deductibles, no year-end audits or other hassles. This helps eliminate large upfront premium payments, improving cash flow. 


Our HR services are driven mainly on six components including;

Job evaluation: Whether you’re an established global corporation or a fast-growing start-up, you need to know how each job in your organization contributes to your strategic goals. Job evaluation shows why, how and where work is done, and can help you create and maintain the right reward structure for your business.

Recruitment: We assist organizations to attract top talent and identify the best people objectively and efficiently with our range of recruitment and assessment services. Whether you’re hiring one person in a country office or recruiting thousands of people globally, we can help.

Pay: Getting reward right helps you attract, retain and engage the best people while making the most of your HR budget and balancing the bottom line. We know how best this works and we make it easy for your organization to get pay right.

People Development: We know people make the difference between a good organization and a great one. So once you’ve found the right people for your business, make sure you harness their full potential by developing them to support your strategy. Clear Focus understands jobs and knows what competencies people need in order to do their jobs well. So, when you want to develop people for a specific role, we’ll look at the skills and abilities needed in that job, and then assess your people to see where they need to develop. After the assessment we’ll help you create a development plan personalized for each individual.

Activate workforce: It is always easier said than done! Tools, not words: That’s what people need if they are going to make your strategy happen. After the launch of any new initiative, there’s always a risk that everyone will return to their desks and wonder how they can turn this exciting new vision into reality. But equipped with the right tools, they can get started straight away.

Employee Engagement: at Clear Focus, we know engagement plus enablement equals effective organizations. Great organizations depend on great people. Create a strong, motivated workforce with our employee engagement services and drive business performance.